8 Health Benefits of Honey

Perhaps very few of us know the extraordinary benefits of the honey .It is very precious for the bees as they collect this honey over a long period of time with a lot of  very tiring hard work, but we do not recognize its value usually.

It is very useful in many ways as it is used in food and also good for the health in many ways: 
  1. Honey has anti bacterial properties which is used to cure minor burn and wound and inffections and minor burns. 
  2. Honey has antioxidants property so it fights with aging effects and any type of skin damage and make your skin young and charming and shiny.
  3. If applied on  the skin then it also save our skin from ultraviolet up to a good extent.
  4. It is very good for our skin as it acts as a good moisturizer and and has ability to retain water   so our skin remains soft,healthy and shiny.
  5. Apply with milk on your skin and see the very glow on your skin, so don’t wait make your skin shiny the natural way.
  6. You will not believe that it is easiest food to digest and very gentle on stomach.
  7. It is also used in many medicines for example in cough syrups because it soothes our throat and give us much relief.
  8. If half tea spoon is taken with one glass of light warm water in the morning daily then it is very good for our health and help reduce and control our weight.

So next time when you see the honey in the market then recall these facts about the honey and its very precious importance and then decide.