8 Health Benefits of Honey

Perhaps very few of us know the extraordinary benefits of the honey .It is very precious for the bees as they collect this honey over a long period of time with a lot of  very tiring hard work, but we do not recognize its value usually.

It is very useful in many ways as it is used in food and also good for the health in many ways: 
  1. Honey has anti bacterial properties which is used to cure minor burn and wound and inffections and minor burns. 
  2. Honey has antioxidants property so it fights with aging effects and any type of skin damage and make your skin young and charming and shiny.
  3. If applied on  the skin then it also save our skin from ultraviolet up to a good extent.
  4. It is very good for our skin as it acts as a good moisturizer and and has ability to retain water   so our skin remains soft,healthy and shiny.
  5. Apply with milk on your skin and see the very glow on your skin, so don’t wait make your skin shiny the natural way.
  6. You will not believe that it is easiest food to digest and very gentle on stomach.
  7. It is also used in many medicines for example in cough syrups because it soothes our throat and give us much relief.
  8. If half tea spoon is taken with one glass of light warm water in the morning daily then it is very good for our health and help reduce and control our weight.

So next time when you see the honey in the market then recall these facts about the honey and its very precious importance and then decide.

Green Business Ideas for Eco Friendly Entrepreneur

As various international organizations, NGOs and government's body has initiated environment friendly campaign to curb increasing pollution level of our environment to make our planet a better place to live. As a result Eco-Friendly products and goods are getting more and more response from the people as they are also willing to contribute in this campaign to make our environment clean, green and pollution free.

Due to the increasing concerns about our planet and its environment, more and more people are readily accepting cotton bags, jute bags and other eco friendly goods and products over the contemporary plastic bags and its other products.

There are a number of jute products and other eco friendly products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters who have been providing varieties of goods and articles made from jute at very less price.

Below are some of the popular jute products:
  • Shopping Bags, Promotional Bags, and Bags Having any Logo or Picture Imprint
  • Apparels, Footwear & Textile
  • Different Types of Furniture and Furnishing Products
  • Stationery Products like Files, Folders, Organizer, Magazine Holder, etc.
  • Handicraft Objects like Fashion Accessories, Wall Decor, Hanging Pockets, and other Decorative Articles.
  • Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Table Covers, Blinds and More.
  • Promotional Products like Hand Bands, Apparels, Purse, Bag, etc.
Apart from these there are lots of other kinds of eco friendly products like these ones:
  • Mats, bags, rugs, carpets made from used materials.
  • Furniture made from used wood and stuffs.
  • Recycled paper made products and objects.
  • Organic Food and Food Products.

Many Corporates and big companies have also started to use Eco-friendly jute and cotton bags for marketing, branding and promotional works. It has been seen that many such organizations are distributing and gifting such jute made environment friendly designer shopping bags, stationery items, mobile covers, laptop bags, and other products with the company name & logo imprint. Thus this new trend will also boost the demand for such Eco-friendly cotton and jute products.

If you are looking for a new business opportunity then it is the right time to encash the situation and start your own jute bags or other jute products wholesale or retail business. Getting the supply for your business is not difficult as you can find many jute products suppliers and jute products exporters if you search online. Publisher of this post can be visited on G+.

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Benefits of Hiring Packers and Movers Services

If we see newspapers, news or over the internet there we find many advertisements by packers and movers service providers which was not the situation some time back. And you must have also noticed many tempos and trucks with the names of different movers packers company painted on their walls, roaming in the city, frequently. Have you wondered why such relocation service provider companies have become so prevalent these days in major cities and other parts of the country?

Shifting home is not as easy as it was used to be few decades ago when people usually did not have as many electronic items, furniture items, vehicles, other costly and delicate goods & articles, etc as they do have today. Today most of the people who are working in metro cities of India have most of such goods & items because of the higher salary and technological advancement of the human civilization. Hence the professional assistance in shifting & relocation all these goods with proper care is need of the hour, which most of these people has now understood, and don't hesitate to pay any particular amount to a good packers and movers company for their professional help in shifting their home or office.

There was a time when relocation service providers were unknown to the common people, only higher hierarchy employees, Executives, Diplomats and high salaried employees used to take such services, but now the situation has dramatically changed. Many Small and Multinational Companies, Banks, Government Departments, etc. have started reimbursement of the total relocation cost(or a part of this) even to their entry level & low hierarchy employees, which is also another very big reason behind growing the relocation and shifting industry in India, on an estimate this industry has witnessed more than 50 percent growth in India.

Skilled and trained professional to carry out our relocation & shifting is also need of the moment. I still remember when I was 10 yrs old, my father used to hire a truck or tempo, hired some laborers separately and then shifted our home whenever we need to relocate. It was used to be really very tiring, painful and mentally exhausting task, as many of our delicate goods articles damaged many a times by our mistake or by the carelessness of those hired unskilled laborers.

If we talk about major cities then Kolkata, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Pune, etc. comes to the fore, and the reason behind this is that around half of the population of these cities is migrating population. Many people come and go every day only for the job, and that is the main reason behind increasing need of the professional relocation assistance and thus movers and packers companies.

In Delhi NCR there are some particular locations which have been hubs for packers and movers like Paharganj, Punjabi Bagh, Rajouri Garden, Ghaziabadm Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, etc.

Article was written with the help of Dial B2C – a local search engine of Delhi NCR which also provides details of reliable packers and movers in delhi ncr region. It helped me a lot  in giving all required and important information for writing this article.

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What to Consider Before Hiring a Packer and Mover?

We know that shifting a house, office, factory, company, industry or whatever is not an easy task. Even the thoughts of shifting or relocation may give us nightmare about the problems faced during moving and shifting. But many thanks to the different movers packers & moving companies which have taken our burden from us and have made the shifting & relocation very easy, less painful and comfortable.

When we hire a packers movers or any moving company, their guys take care of every thing, right from packing our smallest goods to largest goods, marking & categorizing all the boxes & cartons so that it saves time while unpacking and rearranging the goods in new location. Whether it is loading & unloading of goods in truck, carrying the goods to the new location, all legal works & formalities while crossing the states boundaries, etc. all is undertaken by them.

But we should keep in mind few things before hiring any packers movers for shifting. If you search over the internet for movers packers service providers then you would find hundreds of movers an packers company there, all promising you for the best services and reasonable price. But I tell you there are so many companies which are not genuine they just find some new innocent customers and try to fleece them without any good services and customer satisfaction which even may turn into a nightmare for the some customer.

I still remember when we shifted our house around eight years ago, and hired one of such companies for shifting our house. On the day when shifting was to be done, their agent asked us to pay 20 percent more than what was promised, for this he cited many reasons like different taxes, file charges, commissions, etc. and refused to start the work before the payment. And we had no option other than paying him 20 percent more and we did. And after unloading the goods at the destination location they refused to unpack the goods as it was not included in the agreement, we too did not pay attention to this point while negotiating them before hiring. So keep your mind alert while negotiating and hiring any one.

Thus it is very necessary to ask each and every doubt before making any deal so that no such incident happen later. Get each and everything(which they will offer) written on paper. It is wise to think and plan before hiring any one, as by planning you will come to know many things which would be very important while shifting your home, for example many service providers do not put waterproof roofing on the top of the truck, so you can get it also included in the list before paying them. So try to visualize each and every important things right from the packing to unpacking at the destination.

Author is the owner of a local search engine i.e. DialB2C.com which also provides details of different packers and movers in Delhi NCR region in India.

In Short, Keep in Mind the Below Points:
  • Negotiate well.
  • Give them flexibility in deciding the date what is suitable for them.
  • You can also consider shared truck which is also going to your destination city.
  • Get quotes from at least three companies.
  • Get rid of old and unused items before relocation date.
  • Opt for Relocation Insurance.
  • Avoid Delayed Planning- Avoid Urgency Costs.
  • Must Read all Fine Prints- Terms and Conditions.
  • Ask for Free Warehousing Services.
  • Verifying all credentials and reviews of the packer mover company.
  • No matter what season it is, make sure to go for waterproof packing.
  • Monitor and pay attention on how goods are loaded in moving truck.
  • Put large and delicate items like mirror etc alongside the wall of the truck and do proper cushioning to ensure its safety.
  • Doing good cushioning between cartons and delicate goods will help a lot as it can absorb jerk and avoid collisions between boxes and other goods.

Hope you may have liked this post and found it useful.

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12 Jute Wall Hangings Items for Wall Decoration

Wall are one of the most important part of our home. If we give a little time to make our walls attractive then beauty of our homes can be increased many many fold. There are various kinds of decorative ideas which can be applied on walls to make them beautiful and fancy like e.g. wall paintings, wall papers, wall paints, wall hangings, wall decals, tapestries, etc.

But what if we are able to decor our walls in an eco friendly manner, yes it is possible. Today there are lots of handicraft artisans who manufacture different types of decorative products & articles from jute. Jute articles are not only fancy, long lasting but eco friendly as well as. You can find many options of jute handicrafts articles for wall decor. Therefore I have tried to mention some of the most popular jute wall hangings in this post:

1. Framed Pictures

Framed pictures with frames of jute look beautiful in home and gives eco friendly touch. There are lots of designs of jute frames available in the market which can be used to frame any kinds of pictures.

2. Embroidered Paintings

These are paintings done over the jute cloth canvas which makes such paintings green and eco friendly. Such paintings are available in the market in various sizes, cost and different themes. You can cover a good portion of your walls which you want to hide for one or more reasons.

3. Framed Photographs

Keep memories forever with you and get your and your family photographs framed in eco friendly jute frames. Different sizes of frames are available as per the size of your photographs. You can hang such photographs in the drawing room or in your bed room's walls.

4. Framed Mirrors

Gives an eco friendly touch to your mirrors by putting those mirrors in jute frames. There are lots of jute frames mirrors available in the market with comes in various sizes and quality, which looks not only beautiful but are environment friendly as well. Jute frames gives a unique and amazing look to mirrors hence adding beauty to the walls.

5. Tapestries

Tapestries are hanging cloth like curtains which are made of jute cloth which are used to cover a particular portion of a wall to give beautiful look to that area. This can be used to cover any portion of wall which we don't want to show. Embroidery, colors or any other work are be used to make paintings on such clothes.

6. Wall Hangings

If you visit any craft store or website then you can see there lots of handicraft articles which are made to hang on the wall, e.g. single or series of beautiful small dolls, birds, puppets, animals, etc. all made from jute. Such hangings add an ultimate attraction to the walls giving them not only eco friendly look but cultural touch as well.

7. Wall Decals

These are also jute art work, which are not fixed with glue but are fixed with the help of nails. We can compare them with wall hangings but they are little bit different from wall hangings. These are available in various designs like in the form of decorative alphabets letters, the face of any god, any symbols, christian cross, any animal, and many other creative articles.

8. Quilts

These are also similar to the wall decals like jute crafts in artistic designs which are fixed to the wall with the help of nails. There is not much difference between decals and quits except that quilts are made with more artistic touch.

9. Murals

To cover large areas of wall by painting or something else. These are wall papers like attractive, beautiful, designer wall covers made entirely from jute cloth. Such murals can have a good painting, a magnificent embroidery design, or any other kind of decorative work over them. Such murals are the best option if you are looking to make any big portion of the wall attractive while hiding the background.

10. Key Holder

There are lots of key holder designs are available in the market. These can solve your key holding problems. Managing keys is a little bit difficult task, therefore such key holders can solve such problems. So choose any eco friendly key holder design which you like and solve all your key managing problems.

11. Vinyl

These are some art work made from jute, which are fixed to the wall permanently with glue. Vinyls come in different sizes, shapes, designs and colors which can make any portion of the wall beautiful, attraction and fancy.

12. Hanging Pockets Storage

These are something which almost every one is aware of. These are hangings with one, two, three or multiple pockets are not only fancy, stylish but are highly useful as well, as you can put anything in their pockets. Such hanging pockets make wall looks beautiful and attractive. This is also a very common thing which you may see in almost every second house. The main benefits of such jute wall hangings is that they can also be used in storing some little little things which otherwise we may forget after some time.

Some Facts About Jute: Jute is 100% biodegradable stuff and hence totally eco friendly and safe for our environment. Use of jute made products can help our planet green upto a large extent.

Finally, I would say that jute wall decor articles not only give us plethora of ideas to decorate our walls but an another chance as well to contribute to help our environment reduce the pollution burden so that our earth can move one more step ahead to become a green, clean and happy planet. Apart from such wall decor articles there are lots of other jute handicraft articles are available in the market which are also beautiful, attractive, useful and decorative. Publisher of this post can be visited on G+.

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Tips for Safe & Cost Effective Home Shifting and Relocation

Relocating home or office is not easy as it seems, relocating a home requires much time, energy, and money. As pare my experience of many home shifting and relocation I have learnt so many things which can help anyone shift their home or office in safe and cost effective manner.

Following are the steps which I followed which made our home relocation easy and hassle free, hope you would like these:

1. Dump Old and Unused Items: First of all we start finding out old and unused items in our home and we really get so many goods and articles for example lots of old news papers, old unused furniture, old unused clothes, some retired home appliances, etc which we sell out to a junk dealer or donate to our house maid. This way we get rid of so many unused and unwanted goods and items, which otherwise would be packed with other goods while shifting.

2. Negotiate Well: Then we call a few good relocation service providers which can be found over internet or any local search engine like the Dial B2C, where we can find a number of good packers and movers in Delhi. After calling 3 or 4 companies, we ask for quotes and negotiated for a good price. Then we also try to minimize the cost of their service as we provide them a flexibility to choose the date which is suitable for them. Finally one of them agree at a reasonable cost and the date is of their choice, we also agree as we have enough time before shifting; so this way we both get benefit.

3. Opt for Insurance: While dealing with the company we ask them to provide us insurance cover for our all goods and articles in case of any accident or damage, which we get by paying an extra sum of rupees. Who knows what happens while shifting, carrying, unloading, loading, traveling, etc.

4. Provide Them all Details: It is very important to tell them everything so that no any problem occurs later, for example which floor your new house is on, is there enough space on the stairs to take the all the goods & furniture or these would have to be pulled by rope from balcony, is your street wide enough for the passage of the truck or not , is there any parking or congestion problem near your new home, is there any construction work carrying on near your new home which may hinder the process, is your new home located in a very congested area where even a small vehicle can't enter .

5. Proper Cushioning is Must: We pay proper attention while packing our household goods. I direct those people in very starting to pack our goods with proper cushioning and care so that no any delicate good and item damages like mirrors, crockery, gifts, artifacts, furniture, books, or any other important item. Although I direct them but still we keep monitoring them while packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, etc.

6. Waterproof Packing: Although all packers and movers service providers do not provide waterproof packing but you will have to ask for this. They may ask for an extra amount for this but I think it is absolutely worth to pay a little more amount for this specially when it is cloudy weather. And most important, make sure that roofing of the truck(or any other vehicle) is also waterproof, and it is wise to get such things cleared before signing the deals. Reading all fine prints and terms & conditions is also must so that no any problem, altercation & confusion occurs later.

Hope you would have got some nice tips on shifting and relocating house, and you would like to follow these tips as well apart from your own valuable tips.

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Women's Sportswear Buying Tips and Guide

Women, as well as, fashion go hand in hand mutually. They are synonymous to each other. In fact, women's attire is much trendier than of men, and therefore it has high scope of style and innovation in this part than the others.

Mostly sports plus physical activities have been performed by wearing particular clothing, due to ease and safety reasons. Several options are available for women to select from, for making a component of their sports clothing. These comprises track suits, shorts it could be of full-length or else until the knee, tennis shirts, T-shirts, short skirts for badminton or tennis, trainers, sweatshirts, pull over, and a range of sports shoes. Special garments are there for swimming, the wet suits, leotards for aerobics or gymnastics, and salopettes for skiing.

Variety of brands are accessible that offer the highly stylish plus comfortable sports attire and that at reasonable costs, as well. They present varieties that range from yoga suits, jogging and running suits, up to gym, adventure travel, winter training, swimming, plus golf, cycling, tennis, as well as, skiing. There are plenty of choices for a single sport itself. For instance, tennis apparel comprises various types of skirts having a variety of styles plus length, color, material, fitting and sizes, single piece dresses to play, few loose fitting whilst some skin fit, sleeveless tops, shorts trousers, small socks, caps, headgear, armbands, head bands, shoes and further such accessories. The water bottles, sports mats, etc. are becoming an important component of sports gear, as well.

Apart from the outerwear, innerwear has also been most essential, as if one isn’t contented from inside, then external show would not have any meaning. Numerous sports innerwear are there in diverse sizes and styles with the purpose of making an individual comfortable and get pleasure from their workout. Not just the showrooms, but internet too has made it extensively feasible for the people to make online purchases and get their supplies at their door. Various brands are available to suit every type of consumers, and then certain unbranded are there, but superiority sportswear to suit everyone’s pockets.

Still there is an extensive extent for creativity plus design in the sportswear of women since the trends have always been changing because new cultures convene technological innovations. Despite this, works are going on to produce womens sportswear material that could automatically adjust the temperature as per the body temperature. Such apparel that largely absorbs sweat is being highly demanded by athletes. Ultimately it’s the user choice to balance style with comfort.

Read more for Personalised sportswear for women , ladies sports clothing and workout dress having many Womens sportswear range that's tailor made to your exact requirements. Choose from thousands of combinations. Tops, trousers, shorts, sports bras, and other sports accessories for women.

If you are a sports and workout loving woman and looking for more good options for your right fitting sports dress, then there are many shopping sites which offer wide range of high quality women's sports wear. You can contact the author at G+.