Green Living: 15 Simple Eco Friendly Living Tips

There are lots of eco friendly living tips and ideas, some of which I want to share with you. Following are some of the unique green living ideas:

  1. Using rechargeable batteries instead of normal batteries. This way we will be able to save lots of electricity hence lots of fuel which otherwise would be used to generate electricity.
  2. Use LED or CFL lights instead of incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs consume very less electricity when compared to CFL and other lights.
  3. After washing vegetables use that water to water the plants. Water is also precious for our life thus we should always try to save as much water as possible.
  4. Wherever possible use jute bags instead of plastic bags, paper bags, leather bags, canvas bags or cotton bags.
  5. If possible try to use pressure cookers to cook food, as they consume less fuel &time.
  6. I know it is quite difficult but still try to minimize the use of leather products like bags, shoes, sandals, slippers, purse, wallets, clutch, etc.
  7. If possible use jute made carpets, rugs, mats, coasters, to cover the floor instead of those which are made from wool or any synthetic material.
  8. Jute Stationery Products. You can find many stationery products made form jute like files, folders, organizer, bag, and many other items. Such stationery products are eco friendly.
  9. Decorative articles made from recycled stuffs like used cloth, used papers, and other used items.
  10. Car pooling is also one of the good eco friendly idea which helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and thus global warming.
  11. Solar water heater. Using solar water heater not only we help save our environment but we also save our money in electricity bills. There is abundance of solar energy which can be tapped for energy generation. Apart from solar water cells, one can also use such cells to power other electrical and electronic equipments.
  12. There are different types of eco friendly furniture available in the market which are eco friendly like jute chairs, jute bed, etc..
  13. Vegetarian food is much more eco friendly than non vegetarian food. Producing meat(rearing meat animals like lambs, hen, turkey, cattles, birds, goat, sheep, etc.) uses much more resources(like water, fodder, grains, land, etc.) compared to grains and vegetables. If all people become vegetarian then all food shortage problems will be solved immediately from the globe.
  14. Start making compost manure in your backyard or garden and let manure produce organically.
  15. Try to maximize the use of emails, e-bills, e-invoice, e-tickets, etc. to save papers. Saving papers will save trees in turn.
  16. While decorating your home there are lots of eco friendly options available like handicrafts made from jute or recycled products.

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