Tips for Safe & Cost Effective Home Shifting and Relocation

Relocating home or office is not easy as it seems, relocating a home requires much time, energy, and money. As pare my experience of many home shifting and relocation I have learnt so many things which can help anyone shift their home or office in safe and cost effective manner.

Following are the steps which I followed which made our home relocation easy and hassle free, hope you would like these:

1. Dump Old and Unused Items: First of all we start finding out old and unused items in our home and we really get so many goods and articles for example lots of old news papers, old unused furniture, old unused clothes, some retired home appliances, etc which we sell out to a junk dealer or donate to our house maid. This way we get rid of so many unused and unwanted goods and items, which otherwise would be packed with other goods while shifting.

2. Negotiate Well: Then we call a few good relocation service providers which can be found over internet or any local search engine like the Dial B2C, where we can find a number of good packers and movers in Delhi. After calling 3 or 4 companies, we ask for quotes and negotiated for a good price. Then we also try to minimize the cost of their service as we provide them a flexibility to choose the date which is suitable for them. Finally one of them agree at a reasonable cost and the date is of their choice, we also agree as we have enough time before shifting; so this way we both get benefit.

3. Opt for Insurance: While dealing with the company we ask them to provide us insurance cover for our all goods and articles in case of any accident or damage, which we get by paying an extra sum of rupees. Who knows what happens while shifting, carrying, unloading, loading, traveling, etc.

4. Provide Them all Details: It is very important to tell them everything so that no any problem occurs later, for example which floor your new house is on, is there enough space on the stairs to take the all the goods & furniture or these would have to be pulled by rope from balcony, is your street wide enough for the passage of the truck or not , is there any parking or congestion problem near your new home, is there any construction work carrying on near your new home which may hinder the process, is your new home located in a very congested area where even a small vehicle can't enter .

5. Proper Cushioning is Must: We pay proper attention while packing our household goods. I direct those people in very starting to pack our goods with proper cushioning and care so that no any delicate good and item damages like mirrors, crockery, gifts, artifacts, furniture, books, or any other important item. Although I direct them but still we keep monitoring them while packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, etc.

6. Waterproof Packing: Although all packers and movers service providers do not provide waterproof packing but you will have to ask for this. They may ask for an extra amount for this but I think it is absolutely worth to pay a little more amount for this specially when it is cloudy weather. And most important, make sure that roofing of the truck(or any other vehicle) is also waterproof, and it is wise to get such things cleared before signing the deals. Reading all fine prints and terms & conditions is also must so that no any problem, altercation & confusion occurs later.

Hope you would have got some nice tips on shifting and relocating house, and you would like to follow these tips as well apart from your own valuable tips.

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