10 Tips for Buying Best Car Insurance

Ultimate Tips for Buying Right Car and Auto Insurance 

Today it has become very important to make our car and ourselves insured because of strict transport laws and our safety. There are many good car insurance companies which offer a range of car insurance policy to choose from. You don’t need to worry about it; just search over internet and you will get so many car insurance quotes offered by many companies, choose the one which suits you most.

First of all we need to know how many types of car insurances are there:

Third Party Insurance: It insures the person and his vehicle that you may have accident with, but it does not cover the cost of repair of your damage vehicle. Thus in any case if you have any accident and injure any person and damage his or her vehicle, then insurance companies will bear the cost of medical treatment of that injured person(s) and repairing of that vehicle. Generally these types of insurance are the cheapest and are suitable to you if your vehicle is not much costly. If you own a vehicle that does not have much worth then it is wise to go for third party insurance for your car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: This type of insurance provides your car complete cover and insures your car against the repair in case of any accident and can replace your car as well in case of extreme case of damage. This type of insurance can be a little costlier but it is suitable to you if your car is costly and new. This policy cover the following things:

  1. Damage to your own vehicle.
  2. Damage to other person’s vehicle.
  3. Damage to your vehicle due to any situation like hails, fire, flood, earthquake, vandalism, theft, riots, etc.
  4. Replacement of your vehicle in case of extreme damage to your vehicle.
  5. Medical treatment expenses to you and the other person whom you may injure.
  6. Accidental death insurance for you and other person died from your vehicle.
  7. There many car insurance companies who also provide you compensation up to an extent against the lost earnings for the period of your medical treatment and health recovery.
Third Party, Theft and Fire Car Insurance: Apart from the benefits of third party insurance scheme, this will also give you additional cover for your vehicle against fire and theft. This will not cover your medical expenses if you are injured in an accident. Again this type of car insurance is best for those people whose car is either very old or not costly.

Other Important Points to Consider:

  1. When you get your car insured don’t assume that you will get insurance cover if any person other than you drives your car. Most of the car insurance companies do not allow such conditions, so better to read the car insurance company’s terms and conditions to understand all ifs and buts.
  2. It is very necessary to read all the text, terms and conditions printed in small prints. Usually no any car insurance agents would encourage you to read that fine print text but it is your duty to read all such find print text so that you can be aware of all rules and regulations about your insurance. Many of the persons who overlook such fine print terms and conditions pay a higher price for this later. This way the very same cheaper car insurance may turn into higher cost insurance to you.
  3. While making car insurance claim you must be having all valid documents for example a valid license, car ownership documents, vehicle registration certificate, pollution control certificate, and all other required documents issued on your own name, otherwise your car insurance policy may get invalidated and you will not get any claim.

At last I would say, it is very important and wise to get your car insured at earliest. Online you can find many good car insurance companies whom you can get free car insurance quotes from, and choose the one which suits you most. You get more information about different countries' policies on car insurance here. Follow me on Google+.

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